Do you often feel tired or sleepy? 
Do you rely on comfort foods or caffeine? 
Do you get irritated or anxious for no obvious reason?
I see you.
Juggling life, work, and other commitments can be overwhelming. Irregular mealtimes, eating ‘on-the-go’, or relying on ready-meals can leave us feeling run-down. 
If, on top of all that, we don’t get enough sleep, energy dips and cravings are even harder to combat. Sleep and nutrition go hand-in-hand – a poor diet affects our sleep quality, and poor sleep can affect our dietary choices. 
But there is hope – restorative sleep and nutritious meals can fortify each other. You can break the vicious cycle, and get your spark back!


This 1:1 programme aims to help busy individuals reclaim their vitality by overcoming energy dips, cravings, and burnout, restoring the harmony between sleep and nutrition, and balancing blood sugar levels. Get the tools that you need to feel more energised, focused and in control of your food choices.

The programme is fully tailored to your individual needs and wellness goals. My approach focuses on practical actions, straightforward recommendations, and building on your strengths.

During the 4 months, we’re meeting fortnightly online with an option to meet in person. You will gradually incorporate one or two changes at a time, consciously developing sustainable habits for long-lasting results.

You should be able to notice improvements in your energy levels within the first month, and by the end of the programme, you will feel empowered and motivated to continue your new lifestyle, as well as notice the change in how your clothes feel!

This programme may be a good fit if you:

  • feel tired and unable to concentrate on tasks
  • get sleepy after meals
  • give into cravings and reach for comfort foods
  • start the day with coffee and feel reliant on it
  • feel shaky, unable to focus, or have headaches when hungry
  • are stressed, feeling low, or experiencing mood swings
  • experience weight gain, especially around the belly
  • struggle to fall asleep or often wake up at night
  • have been diagnosed with or suspect thyroid imbalances, pre-diabetes or insulin resistance

This programme may help you:

  • feel more energised and focused 
  • minimise cravings and comfort eating 
  • improve your sleep quality 
  • feel more relaxed, positive and in control of your emotions
  • reignite the joy of cooking and eating healthy meals 
  • notice the difference in how your clothes feel 

Kind words of my previous clients:


I contacted Emilia when my blood results for the thyroid were bad. The GP prescribed me medication to taken every day for the rest of my life and advised "not to change nothing in my life." Two months after following Emilia's recommendations, the blood results were in the norms. It was fixed with food and sleep. I was not on diet but I lost weight and gain energy. I am so happy about that. This wouldn't happen without the help of Emilia and her wide knowledge about nutrition. Emilia is very knowledgeable nutritionist with a holistic approach. Her "magic" needs to be shared with the world!


My experience with Emilia has been transformative. For years, I struggled with disordered eating, but her holistic approach to nutrition has fundamentally shifted my perspective. Her advice was not only informed and knowledgeable but tailored to my individual needs. Her personalised guidance has empowered me to nurture my body consistently, revealing the profound impact of a balanced and sustainable approach to nutrition. The results have been incredible, and for this, I am very grateful!


I am proud that my belly is getting smaller.That I have more energy. That I am radiating positive energy. That I am becoming like more confident. Happiness that the blood results are better. Motivation to carry on.


I like your holistic approach (...) You are generous with your time during the session.The fact that it is possible to contact you between the sessions is an important point. (...) I like the fact that there is no strict diet with amount of calories to be counted and that I don't have to be hungry or to count grams of vegetables / meat / grains.


I feel that Emilia has quickly understood the issues I presented and for me the plan she produced has been easy to follow and makes sense as to why the actions are included. Overall the following of the plan has been simple and quickly became routine.

I have exceeded the initial aim and have reassessed the goal, my weight has dropped by 7kg and the clothes I have had in the back of the wardrobe are now fitting me and I feel more awake during the day. Simple ideas have worked and I am happy in myself.

I contacted Emilia as I was very frustrated with the medical profession. I have been a diabetic for 9 years and have struggled to lose weight. Emilia was so understanding and encouraging. She listened to my health issues and worked with me to help resolve them. I have followed the recommendations that Emilia has made and feel so much better. I now understand which foods upset me and how my body reacts to them. The lifestyle/food changes that I have made have really made a difference and will stay with me for the rest of my life.


I have a lot more energy and am not so sluggish anymore. Don't crave sweet stuff like I used to, more interested in good and I love the healthy tasty recipes you send. Really well done. Love being active again and actually having the energy to work out.


Never before I had as much energy as I do now, I feel 10 years younger. I was looking for help for numerous years and only now was I able to discover that my thyroid wasn't functioning properly - and that is thanks to Emilia's support.


Thank you for everything you have taught me, I really feel you have made a difference to my general health and wellbeing and to a degree I have lost some weight which was always going to be a challenge



  • 8x hour-long Zoom consultations 
  • Regular email support  
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Recipes that are both delicious and easy to prepare
  • Educational materials to back up the practical advice
  • 30-minute weekly follow-up sessions in place of hourly, fortnightly sessions 
  • In-depth lab tests to provide clarity and further inform the plan
  • Referrals to other complementary therapists to enhance your results
  • At least 3 consultations in person (available in Winchester & Andover)
INVESTMENT: £895 online (£224 per month) | *£995 in-person (£249 per month)

All you need to know about the Reclaim Your Energy nutrition programme:

  • Become more aware of how your body responds to your habits
  • Choose the food and supplements that help your body produce energy 
  • Cut down on the things that contribute to your sleep issues and tiredness
  • Introduce structure around your meals to maintain energy and support sleep
  • Learn simple tricks to manage appetite and combat cravings 
  • Experiment with new routines to improve the quality of your sleep
  • Learn quick and simple meal planning and preparation techniques 
  • I provide templates for you to log what you eat and how you feel
  • In the initial assessment, I further ask about your health history, current lifestyle and wellness goals
  • Through research and systematically finding connections, I create your personalised plan 
  • During our second consultation, we cover key focus areas within the plan
  • The fortnightly follow-ups are to help you hold yourself accountable, give us the opportunity to overcome any challenges, and introduce simple recommendations 
  • In the final session, we celebrate your successes, and ensure that you have what you need to continue independently

This is an online programme with consultations taking place via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. If you are local to Winchester or Andover, we can arrange for two consultations to take place in person in a local clinic room (See ‘Included’ and ‘Optional’).

I encourage you to schedule a non-obligatory call with me to discuss your health issues, needs and expectations. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and find out what the programme may look like for you. In order to create a personalised nutrition & lifestyle plan, I need to get a detailed assessment of your health, including symptoms, previous tests, medication, as well as diet & lifestyle habits. This takes several hours to prepare and for that reason I am unable to offer any taster sessions.

However, you are welcomed to book a 1:1 Nutrition M.O.T. consultation first and if you wish to continue afterwards, the cost of this one-off consultation will be deducted from the programme fee.

You can learn more about my approach by visiting About page.

Yes. You can pay for the programme in three instalments – the detail is outlined in the Agreement – feel free to contact me if you would like to gain immediate access to it.

You can terminate our Agreement at any stage of the programme and you will be refunded for the remaining consultations accordingly. The detail is outlined in the Agreement – feel free to contact me if you would like to gain immediate access to it.

Depending on your current wellbeing and your health goals, you may consider using functional tests to help us understand what exactly is happening in your digestive system and to adjust the Nutritional Plan accordingly. Furthermore, therapeutic levels of specific nutrients in a supplement form can be used short-term to enhance the results whilst you’re learning new habits and optimising your diet. These are all optional as improvements can be achieved with diet alone.

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