Nice to meet you, I’m Emilia Skrzypek, a Holistic Nutritional Therapist.
I established Your Optimum Nutrition in Winchester in 2016, soon after I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist
from the University of Worcester.
Since then, I’ve been passionate about empowering busy individuals and families to take care of their health, so that they can nourish, heal and thrive.
I’m also a mum. As a family, we love spending time in nature, especially the woods, mountains, and anywhere with muddy puddles. For my own wellbeing, I like going for long walks, practice yoga and Flow Dance Meditation, get acupuncture treatments and cook with good music in the background.

My approach

When working with Your Optimum Nutrition clients, I combine nutritional therapy based on the Functional Medicine Model and Traditional Chinese Medicine practises with behaviour change coaching techniques. I tend to reach for food and natural remedies first. 

Education and personal development are very important to me. Staying up to date with evidence-based research and attending courses for industry professionals is a big part of my work.

I am always looking to make connections with other health and wellness professionals whose expertise may enhance my clients’ outcomes. (Please reach out if that describes you!)


“PAIN is an acronym, Pay Attention Inside Now.” 

– Dr Brett Jones, Chiropractor

I believe that our bodies are our friends, even though it doesn’t always feel that way. By understanding how they communicate with us, we can identify what is out of balance and find the root causes of our ‘pain’. 

I also believe that there is a strong connection between one’s body, mind, and spirit. Using a holistic approach, I consider each client in the context of their individual beliefs, behaviour patterns, experiences, and emotions. To be able to thrive, first we need to nourish ourselves to induce healing and restore balance. 

Over the past several years of working with clients to restore their health, I have discovered that we all have basic needs and I consider them ‘ingredients’ in my Recipe for Wellness:

Although during the Your Optimum Nutrition programmes we focus mainly on the first ‘ingredient’, I try to look at you in the context of all of the basic needs that are interconnected. If one is thrown-off, often there is a negative knock-on effect. However, by paying a little extra attention to each need, the benefits multiply, meaning you can feel better, sooner.

My story

I was raised in Poland, by parents who believed in the importance of being outdoors. We spent many weekends and school holidays away from the city, hiking, camping, swimming in the river and sitting by the fire. Most of the food on our table was local and seasonal, and some of my earliest memories are of helping my family prepare healthy, home-cooked meals.


The stress of moving to London at 18 had a significant impact on my health and wellbeing. I moved homes multiple times, worked long hours, slept very little, and had limited contact with nature.


At one point, I fell into the trap of eating junk food and ready meals for ‘convenience’. Once I linked the dots between what I eat and how I feel, I tried to ‘fix’ the damage with diets that were over-complicated, entirely limited, and took away the joy of eating.


I felt the need to learn more and signed up for a Nutritional Therapy course, which has completely changed the way I looked at the relationship between food and my body. I finally felt balanced, energetic, and well-informed yet more relaxed about what I eat, and learned practical ways of creating health-supportive habits, such as meal planning and batch cooking.

Few years after I moved to Winchester and set up my own clinic, my dreams came true! I became a mum. I wanted to be the best possible mum, but sleepless nights, skipping meals and lack of ‘me-time’, all in the light of the pandemic, slowly added up and I felt like I was falling apart. Luckily, with the right support, I prioritised my health, and once I realised I was pouring from an empty cup, I found ways to fill it, little-by-little. 


Although the first years of motherhood were quite challenging, I can see now that this experience was a turning point for me both personally and professionally.


Thanks to my own experience and working with the clients, I know how busy life can get, especially when you are juggling work and family-life. That’s why I believe in taking small steps – they all add up. A 10-minute walk, a solo dance-party, or even sitting in silence can do wonders to how we feel.

One of the first things I work on with clients is helping them realise there is no such thing as ‘perfect’, before implementing systems to help them find joy in cooking and eating in a way that blends into their individual daily routine.


I also understand that knowledge doesn’t always translate into habits, and sometimes, you need a little extra help

That’s why I offer several nutrition programmes to suit a variety of different needs:

My vision

My long-term goal is to run a holistic health centre, nestled in a forest with access to a river. I see it as a retreat for slowing down, connecting with oneself, and meeting others who value their own health and joy. Life is full of surprises, so please check back for updates on this project!

My areas of expertise:

  • Increasing energy levels, improving mood and reducing cravings
  • Supporting late stages of pregnancy and postpartum recovery
  • Managing diagnosed or suspected thyroid imbalances, such as hypo- and hyperactive thyroid, auto-immune conditions, pre-diabetes, and insulin resistance
  • Boosting immunity & resilience, managing inflammation
  • Understanding and managing food allergies and intolerances
  • Easing off digestive disorders including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), pain and discomfort, chronic constipation, diarrhoea, and acid reflux
  • Improving skin conditions, especially acne and eczema

My professional background:

Silesian Medical University, Poland, 2010

Biochemistry, physiology, and modern medical interventions

University of Worcester, UK, 2016

A holistic, functional approach to healthcare, including tools to help clients

(Various Courses)

Alternative paths to help people naturally recover internal balance

BioCare Ltd.

Supplements, micronutrients, and herbs, to support health

My training and development


  • Natural Pregnancy Masterclass with Health Masters Live
  • New Perspectives on First Foods, Complementary Feeding and Obesity Summit, UK
  • Healing Foods for the Immune System Workshop, ION 
  • Healing Foods for Female Health Workshop, ION


  • Supporting Women’s Health with Five Elements Nutrition with Agnieszka Krzeminska, Institute of Chinese Medicine
  • Food Energetics with M. & M. Molenda, Qi-Med


Understanding and Facilitating Behaviour Change in Clinical Practice

  • KGH Hypnobirthing Teacher Training
  • Flow Dance Meditation Facilitator Training
  • Tuina Paediatric Massage with Natural Healing
  • Cupping with Natural Healing

Are you ready to thrive?

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