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Welcome to Your Optimum Nutrition

I'm Emilia Skrzypek, a Holistic Nutritional Therapist, serving people in Winchester, Andover, and worldwide.

I help those who are constantly tired, to reclaim their energy and those, who suffer digestive discomfort, to resolve their gut issues.

I am passionate about empowering busy individuals and families with necessary knowledge, understanding and tools, so that you can take care of your health, to nourish, heal and thrive.

I offer a range of online and in-person consultations and nutrition programmes to suit individual needs:

Your Optimum Nutrition stands for:


Tailored advice based on your individual needs, abilities and circumstances.


Finding and addressing root causes for long-lasting solutions.


Breaking your big goals down into small, achievable milestones.


Regularly checking in, to help you jump any hurdles that may arise.


Giving you the tools you need to take care of your health moving forwards.


Blending traditional wisdom with conventional medicinal science.

What if you gave yourself permission to let go of what no longer serves you, and replaced it with positive, healthy eating habits that could change your life? Whatever you hope to achieve, I'm here for you. Let’s work together on the nutrition plan that is best for you right now.

Find out about me and the people I often work with:

Kind words of my previous clients:


I contacted Emilia when my blood results for the thyroid were bad. The GP prescribed me medication to taken every day for the rest of my life and advised "not to change nothing in my life." Two months after following Emilia's recommendations, the blood results were in the norms. It was fixed with food and sleep. I was not on diet but I lost weight and gain energy. I am so happy about that. This wouldn't happen without the help of Emilia and her wide knowledge about nutrition. Emilia is very knowledgeable nutritionist with a holistic approach. Her "magic" needs to be shared with the world!


My experience with Emilia has been transformative. For years, I struggled with disordered eating, but her holistic approach to nutrition has fundamentally shifted my perspective. Her advice was not only informed and knowledgeable but tailored to my individual needs. Her personalised guidance has empowered me to nurture my body consistently, revealing the profound impact of a balanced and sustainable approach to nutrition. The results have been incredible, and for this, I am very grateful!


I like your holistic approach (...) You are generous with your time during the session.The fact that it is possible to contact you between the sessions is an important point. (...) I like the fact that there is no strict diet with amount of calories to be counted and that I don't have to be hungry or to count grams of vegetables / meat / grains.


I feel that Emilia has quickly understood the issues I presented and for me the plan she produced has been easy to follow and makes sense as to why the actions are included. Overall the following of the plan has been simple and quickly became routine.

I have exceeded the initial aim and have reassessed the goal, my weight has dropped by 7kg and the clothes I have had in the back of the wardrobe are now fitting me and I feel more awake during the day. Simple ideas have worked and I am happy in myself.

Emilia is extremely easy to to talk to, which is a must when discussing digestive issues. We work together as a team, trying different treatments and avenues, and marking our progress as we go.

I've spoken to doctor after doctor, who tick boxes and tell you to come back in a few months. Emilia is the opposite to this. She is vocational in her work ethic and is driven by the desire to really help others. She tunnels into the problem and leaves no stone unturned.

I have totally changed the way I shop for food now, my basket is full of colours. I know the foods to avoid and the ones to eat and I’ve learnt how to put them together in a meal plan


I contacted Emilia as I was very frustrated with the medical profession. I have been a diabetic for 9 years and have struggled to lose weight. Emilia was so understanding and encouraging. She listened to my health issues and worked with me to help resolve them. I have followed the recommendations that Emilia has made and feel so much better. I now understand which foods upset me and how my body reacts to them. The lifestyle/food changes that I have made have really made a difference and will stay with me for the rest of my life.


I have a lot more energy and am not so sluggish anymore. Don't crave sweet stuff like I used to, more interested in good and I love the healthy tasty recipes you send. Really well done. Love being active again and actually having the energy to work out.


Is nutritional therapy right for you?

When our bodies experience stress for a prolonged period of time, they develop coping mechanisms, often at the expense of our digestion, immune responses, and energy levels. The stressors can take many forms – lack of rest, poor nutrition, or infection to name a few.

The good news is you don’t have to put up with low energy and digestive discomfort.

Learning to listen to our bodies in a new way often enables us to recognise what is out of balance, and discover the root cause of our issues.

If you understand what’s causing your symptoms, you can work towards the most effective solutions.

Restoring balance in our bodies may take a couple of months, but my clients report that small, simple changes to their diet and lifestyles, have left them feeling better within a couple of weeks.

When you’re constantly tired and running from one thing to the next, it can feel impossible to find the time and motivation to cook, move, or rest. It’s even harder when you try to juggle the wants and needs of your family. 

An experienced nutritional therapist can work with you to unlock your intrinsic motivation, achieve your health goals, and maintain life-long, healthy habits.

This is within your reach. You have already taken the first step by acknowledging how you feel – the next step is to find the specialist who will help you along the way.

Meal Prep and Batch Cooking Guide

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